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Current Project Period

Megavind (2016-2018) is a continuation and further development of Megavind – A Strategic Partnership for Wind Energy which has produced sector strategies and recommendations since its foundation in 2006. The Danish wind industry is still among the leaders on the world market for wind turbines and Megavind will support a continuation and consolidation of the stronghold of the Danish wind industry through a focused and strategic sector approach to research, development, test and validation, demonstration, and education.
Megavind’s vision is for Denmark to maintain and further develop its position as the hub of the world’s leading companies and research institutions within the field of wind energy and that these companies will be the first to deliver competitive wind energy on market terms (without subsidies) in the dominating wind energy markets.
Megavind’s objective is to continue to be the national platform on which the industry and research institutions develop strategies and recommendations for research, development, test and validation, demonstration, and education within the field of wind energy technology. The sixth phase of Megavind will build on the strategies and recommendations from earlier phases and add new strategic initiatives as well.

In the current project period, Megavind Phase 6 (2016-2018), Megavind will focus on six strategic areas that have been identified by the Megavind steering committee as the areas where Megavind mainly can contribute to reducing LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy). 


The six strategic areas are:


New accurate tool for cost calculation

Click here to try the Megavind LCOE model, which uses the same calculation methods as leaders in the offshore wind industry.

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