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Industrialization and standardization

Megavind will publish an industrialization strategy outlining how industrialization can be implemented further in the industry. An increase in the level of industrialization of the wind industry (e.g. through the development of standard components and standard solutions) has significant potential to lower LCOE, particularly in relation to the Balance of Plant of offshore wind farms. As it is today, a wide range of products and solutions are developed individually for each offshore project, resulting in higher costs than necessary.

Standardization is closely linked to industrialization. The wind industry has a large, unexploited potential for increased speed of industrialization through standardization of both products and processes in the manner which has been demonstrated to be very effective in the automotive industry. This would be particularly effective if taken up at European level.

Working topics:

  • Strategy for industrialization with identification of 5-10 potential areas for standardization 

Form: Strategy aiming at the initiation of new standards

Target group: Industry, academia, funding sources, standardization organizations


Balance of Plant

Balance of Plant refers to all major equipment required for the completion of an offshore wind farm except the wind turbine.

New accurate tool for cost calculation

Click here to try the Megavind LCOE model, which uses the same calculation methods as leaders in the offshore wind industry.

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