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Megavind’s vision is to maintain and develop Denmark's position as global wind energy hub and home to the world's leading companies and research institutions within the field of wind energy and that these companies will be the first to deliver competitive wind energy on market terms in the dominant wind energy markets.

Megavind will reach its objectives through identification and development of key sector strategies required throughout the chain from basic and applied research through development and testing to demonstration.

There is a close interdependency between primary production of wind turbines in Denmark, access to test and demonstration facilities, and a general level of knowledge and competence. These pillars are like the three legs of a milking stool, upon which the Danish wind industry’s competitiveness as wind energy hub rests. This is illustrated in the figure below. If all three legs are regularly re-enforced, the position as leading hub can remain strong, and will accelerate the industry’s ability to reduce cost of energy and be in the race to deliver the competitive wind energy solutions on market terms in the principal wind energy markets. 

This will also enable Denmark to have a strong coordinated position in relation to discussions and coordination on the European level, whereby the Danish Wind Industry would be in a stronger position to gain influence globally. 

New accurate tool for cost calculation

Click here to try the Megavind LCOE model, which uses the same calculation methods as leaders in the offshore wind industry.

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