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Mission Innovation

Globally high profiled future investment fund

At COP21 in Paris 2015, 20 countries announced a global collaboration between governments, including Denmark and the U.S., and private corporations and investors, called the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, to promote clean tech innovations.

The aim is to pair both governmental research funding and private investments, utilizing the different competencies required to accelerate innovations and product developement in high risk clean tech startups. 

The coalition's principles for investment projects are listed below:

Invest Early (help getting the ideas out of the lab)

Invest Broadly
a. Electricity generation and storage
b. Transportation
c. Industrial use
d. Agriculture
e. Energy system efficiency

Invest Boldly

Invest Wisely (University collaboration in valuation of projects)

Invest Together
(with governments)

Just launched, the actual funding program and measurement tools for investments has not been developed yet, but this page will continiuosly be updated. Please see the links for more information.
See more about Mission Innovation and the official statement here

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