Danish Technological Institute

Facility Specifications

  • Test of joints: Standardised and customer-specific mechanical testing of bolted, welded and riveted joints including friction testing.
  • Slip-factor determination: Test to determine the slip factor or other specific tests.
  • Anchoring point test: Standardised and customer-specific anchor point testing both on-site or indoor at the test centre. The test centre handles components up to 40 m long on a reinforced concrete floor. High-temperature testing up to 300°C in a specialised oven for components up to 3 m. long.
  • Mechanical test centre: Tensile testing of construction steels, welding and bolted joints, Charpy impact testing (down to -196 °C), hardness and corrosion testing of welds and base materials. Fatigue testing and Crack Tip Opening Displacement (CTOD) tests on steel and special alloys for towers and welded components.
    DTI: Materials Science and Technology 
  • Climate chamber: Test of wind turbine components in climate chambers, including torsion testing of cables in extreme conditions, temperature testing of generators and air breathers etc.
    DTI: Refrigeration Laboratory

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