Facility Specifications

  • Shallow Water Wave Basins: DHI performs testing of foundation structures, pipelines and cables, including flow-structure-seabed interaction; hydrodynamic forces on foundations induced by waves, currents and combined waves and currents; breaking wave impacts and non-breaking wave interaction with foundations; wave run-up, wave and wind interaction tests; scour and scour protections around marine installations, motion of floating structures; and vibrations of structural components (such as risers and pipelines).
  • Offshore Wave Basin (deep water): Testing of foundations structures in short-crested waves e.g. testing the dynamic response of floating offshore wind turbines and installation of tests.
  • Wave Flume: Testing of foundation structures for e.g. long crested waves involving force response in various sea states; wave impact on structural components (sustained and slamming); wind and wave interaction. 
  • CFD test facility designed to support and extend the physical modelling capabilities in relation to flow interaction with support structures for offshore wind turbines.
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