Facility Specification

  • OWI-Lab’s climatic test facility is used to test and verify wind turbine components and full integrated systems as gearboxes, generators, liquid filled and cast resin transformers, power converters, hydraulic systems, pitch & yaw drives etc., in extreme climatic conditions to which they are exposed to in their full lifetime (either during transport, storage, installation and their operational lifetime). A specific focus of the lab is in the field of cold-start-up and cold climate and icing testing.    

  •  OWI-Lab large climate chamber specs:
    - 10.6m x 7m x 8m
    - >150 ton machinery
    - -60°C to +60°C
    - Thermal cycling possibilities
    - 8%RH to 95%RH
    - Solar IR-heat 950W/m²
    - Cold start-test bench for gearboxes (10kNM break-away torque)
    - Flexible power set-up 50Hz/60Hz up to 10MW for electrical testing


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